Cimeosil: Does Cimeosil Work?

Even though Cimeosil contains silicone, which is the one ingredient that has repeatedly been shown to reduce the visible appearance of scars, this may not be the best scar treatment product due to the lack of information available and the negative reports from the few reviews that are available.

Silicone based gels and gel sheets have become the most effective means of fading the appearance of visible scars. Research has shown that the most beneficial silicone based scar treatments are the ones composed entirely of silicone. Cimeosil claims that it contains only medical-grade silicone and is devoid of mineral oil, vitamins, and sunscreens that can dilute the effectiveness of the silicone. Unfortunately, the makers of Cimeosil do not disclose what kind of silicone they use and offer no clinical evidence or testimonials to demonstrate their product’s effectiveness. There are very few reviews that can be found to see the results other people had and what is available is not very positive. Some reported that there was no change, some that it caused a rash and others that it stained their clothes.

Cimeosil’s Strengths

  • Silicone based gel
  • Can be worn under makeup

Cimeosil’s Weaknesses

  • Exact ingredients are not disclosed
  • No clinical evidence is provided
  • Some report rash from using the product
  • Some reports that it stains clothing

Cimeosil Size
0.5 oz (14g)

The Verdict on Cimeosil
Although Cimeosil claims to be composed of only medical-grade silicone, they do not identify what kind of silicone they use. This is troubling since not all forms of silicone have been researched for their effectiveness in treating scars. Additionally, it is difficult to find any testimonials regarding Cimeosil and their website does not provide any clinical evidence on their product. What few reviews of Cimeosil that can be found are mixed at best and do not seem to demonstrate the true efficacy of silicone based scar treatments. If you would like to see how Cimeosil ranked among other scar treatments, please take a look at our review grid below.

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