Scar Fade: Does Scar Fade Work?

While ScarFade is a silicone based scar treatment product, there may be other more suitable scar reduction products, due to the addition of unnecessary ingredients.
Silicone therapy in the treatment and prevention of scars has become a well established medical practice. Traditionally, thick sheets of silicone gel were applied to scars or healed incisions, in order to fade or inhibit scar tissue. But since constant contact is needed between the scar and the silicone, silicone gel sheets became impractical in many situations because they could not stretch and move with the skin. More recently, silicone gels have been gaining acceptance as effective scar treatments that can maintain constant contact with the skin. However, these same studies have also concluded that in order to receive the best results, the silicone needs to be undiluted.

Strengths of ScarFade

  • Silicone based scar gel

Weaknesses of ScarFade

  • Silicone may be diluted by other ingredients
  • Type of silicone used is not one that has been tested for scar treatments

ScarFade’s Ingredients
octyl palmitate, cyclomethicone, mixed ethylene copolymer

Scar Fade Size
0.5 oz (14g)

The Verdict on ScarFade
By diluting the silicone with other non-silicone ingredients, ScarFade hinders the true efficacy of silicone in treating scars. Mixing silicone gels with other ingredients can prevent complete and constant contact with the scar tissue, reducing the products effectiveness. There are not many reviews available for this product and what can be found is mixed at best. If you would like to see how ScarFade ranked among other scar treatments, please take a look at our review grid below.

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