SCARprin – Our #1 Rated Scar Treatment

Strengths of Scarprin

  • Contains 100% silicone ingredients (the most effective scar treatment ingredient)
  • Effective for New and Old scars
  • Flattens and smoothes the scar to give an even skin appearance
  • Reduces the color and thickness of scar
  • Works on all types of scars including Keloids
  • Gel Based (Gels absorb more effectively then creams)
  • Can help with itching and pain associated with scars
  • Dries Quickly
  • Can be worn under makeup and clothing
  • Buy Two, Get One Free Special Available
  • Very Positive Customer Feedback
  • Used by Doctors and Skin Care Centers

Weaknesses of Scarprin

  • Exclusivity: Primarily sold online and is not readily available in retail stores
  • Cost: Price may be prohibitive for some customers, but well worth the cost

Scarprin made it to the top of our list because it is made of 100% silicone gel. Multiple clinical studies support silicone based scar products as being more effective than other ingredients such as onion extract and certain vitamins, some of which actually cause harm to the scar. In fact, silicone has been widely used for scar reduction since the 1980’s and has been used in numerous clinical studies, all of which found it to be effective for minimizing the appearance of every type of scar, including Keloids, acne scars and contractures (burn scars). The results these patients received from the silicone therapy included reduced thickness and discoloration of the scar, as well as becoming flatter and smoother, causing them to be less visible.

Additionally, because Scarprin is gel based, consumers will only need to use a small amount of it to cover their scar. The gel dries quickly on the skin to form a barrier that will protect and hydrate the scar. Once dried, you can wear makeup, sunscreen and even clothing over Scarprin. While there are also silicone based scar creams available, evidence supports the fact that gels absorb into the skin more effectively than creams, producing better results. Our staff also found a majority of positive customer testimonials about this product.

Scarprin’s Ingredients
Scarprin™ is made with 100% silicones which are Dimethicone, Dimethiconol and Cyclopentasiloxane.
Bottle Size: 1.0 oz

The Verdict on Scarprin
If you have a scar of any kind, no matter how old the scar is or where it is located, there is one product that has been proven to be effective in diminishing the appearance: silicone. We feel that Scarprin is your best option based on the proven effectiveness and safety of its ingredients. Even though the price of this scar reduction product may be an issue for some, it is important to remember that just because another product is lower in price, it will not work as well or may be diluted, making it less effective. While one bottle may be enough for small scars, we recommend purchasing the buy two, get one free special to ensure that your scar receives the maximum amount of coverage and time to heal, as older scars may take longer to see the desired results. It is also important to note that studies have shown that the longer amount of time the silicone is in contact with the scar, the better the results. Once you try this on one scar, you will be using it on any others you may have.

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